About Us - Sacred Heart of Jesus Latin Mass

n the late 1980's, Robert Hook ordered a free video that was being advertised in the Wanderer newspaper. The video was of a traditional Latin Mass that had been filmed at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Chicago in 1941. The narrator was Monsignor (later Archbishop) Fulton J. Sheen. Hook showed the video to a small audience at St. Thomas More College in Saskatoon. After the presentation, some of the audience members informed him of the existence of a group of traditional Catholics who attended St. Joseph's Parish. Shortly afterwards, he met with the group and informal discussions began about the possibility of re-introducing the Latin Mass to Saskatoon.

In 1988, a petition was drawn up, signatures were gathered and it was presented to Bishop James Mahoney. The Bishop granted permission for the celebration of the Mass and the search began for a suitable location. The group finally decided to have the Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, and after arrangements were made with the pastor, Fr. Claire Watrin, C. S. B., Saskatoon's first traditional Latin Mass in over 20 years was celebrated on Sunday, April 1, 1990. Fr. Joseph Bisztyo was celebrant. There were approximately 75 people in attendance.

Catherine Thurmeier was the group's first choir director. It is not known for certain who the first organist was. According to the Latin Mass archives, the first person known to have played the organ for the group was Marshall Louison.

Some time later, Fr. Stan Urbanoski was approached and he agreed to say the Mass on a regular basis along with Fr. Bisztyo. Other priests agreed to say the Mass on a substitute basis.

In 1991, a committee was formed to attend to the needs of the Latin Mass community. The members appointed 4 executive officers: Lloyd Louison (chairman), Frank Vrana (vice-chairman), Robert Hook (secretary) and Frank Thurmeier (treasurer). The other committee members were Nancy Louison, Maria Vrana, Catherine Thurmeier and Ken Kardos.